Corporate Social Investment

Educational support for children remains a key and success factor for our Phokela Tours as a business. Phokela Tours has taken a stand to support the educational initiatives for the children in the rural areas. The company has identified a strong need to send children to school, Pre-school, primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions in a dignified.
Dressing a child in a neat and full school uniform, is key to Phokela Tours social investment, we believe this boost a child’s esteem in a classroom and school environment.


Small business development support, to continue the fight against unemployment, Phokela tours is support small business – which supports its vison and that are central to bettering lives of the children and youth Phokela Tours will not be limited to support and to reach to the above key needs, it remains open to community initiatives that speaks to the development of our children and communities at large. Our strong focus as Phokela Tours, will be in supporting the educational needs of the children and youth in the rural areas of our country.

Phokela Tours has seen a need to master the following area and has officially declared these reaa as Phokela Tours area of Operation and it is legally licensed and permitted by responsible road and management bodies to operate within the followoing areas